Personal Injury Accidents

Get started on the path to the compensation you deserve! Sometimes we are the victims of another person’s negligence or carelessness, and this causes us physical harm as opposed to harm to our property.

Just because your property was not damaged does not mean you are not owed compensation – bodily harms justify compensation from the offending party as well. If you are a victim of a personal injury like broken bones, catastrophic injury, or other pain resulting from issues like comparative and contributory negligence, consumer fraud, medical treatments like laser hair removal, or otherwise, contact us today at

Popular Practice Areas

  • Auto Accidents

    Automobile injuries can include a variety of types, including truck, boating, motorcycle, train, airplane, bike, and bus accidents. Our licensed and experienced professionals are more than capable of handling your accident claim in a way that ensures you get compensated adequately.
  • Product Liability

    Are you a victim of an injury because of a malfunctioning product? Whether your claim deals with negligence, strict liability, breach of warranty, or inadherence to consumer protection claims, know that you are not alone in your efforts to receive the compensation that is justly due to you.
  • Dangerous Drugs

    Modern medicine and pharmaceuticals have created some amazing and effective products to help humans lead healthier lives and live longer than previous generations, as well as more easily cope with lifelong conditions. Medical drugs in most cases are able to give you relief and help you function despite your ailment. However, issues can arise when manufacturers are negligent regarding facility cleanliness, contamination prevention, or adherence to standard safety procedures. This negligence results in tainted products or products with incorrect potency. Further, when patients ingest the medicines created under these neglected conditions, serious health complications arise, and sometimes death is the result.

Following an accident, malpractice, or personal injury, you may be unsure of what to do or who to contact, or whether you have a legal, justified claim to begin with. For example, after an accident you may think that you have no choice but to yield to what the insurance company offers you and accept what little payment they offer you – if any. Or in the case of accidents, you may be tempted to think that these things just happen and that you have to simply deal with it, instead of exploring the options of a compensable claim.

However, if you have the right legal advice and team of experienced attorneys behind you, you may just find the opposite to be true! Our personal injury attorneys at know the intricate details of the law and how it affects whether or not you are owed damages or compensation.

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