Auto Accidents

The roads can be a pretty dangerous place no matter how careful you are when out driving. Even if you remain within the speed limit at all times, remain highly observant, take note of every traffic sign and signal and pay due care and attention to your fellow road users things can still go wrong, and go wrong in such a manner that you find yourself involved in a auto accident.

Given the above, it’s clear that any such accident will have been caused by the negligence of another road user and in such circumstances you may well be in a position to make a auto accident claim for compensation, whether you’re the driver, a passenger or even a pedestrian.

Any car accident will be a frightening, stressful and traumatic experience, and could involve injuries which range from

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cuts, bruises and whiplash to more severe disfigurement, amputation, paralysis or even death. Any and all of these injuries are bound to have a severely debilitating effect upon your life, or the life of loves ones, and your recovery from an injury can only be aided by the rewarding of compensation.

Not only will it replace the money that is lost in the immediate aftermath of an accident, in the form of expenses such as medical fees, travel expenses, or loss of earnings, but it will also help to fund the rest of your life and provide a sense of fair play and justice which will aid your long term prospects.

We’ve worked on a huge number of auto accident claims and know from experience that the facts of such cases are often debated by both sides of the dispute. That’s why we use our knowledge and experience to build a case which establishes with certainty exactly what happened and who was

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to blame. The actual circumstances of the accident could be:

  • A cyclist hit by another vehicle
  • Being struck by a car carrying out a reckless manoeuvre
  • A pedestrian struck by a car
  • A vehicle going into the back of the car in front
  • A motorbike forced off the road

The exact circumstances will vary from case to case, but every successful claim will rely upon demonstrating that you have sustained a

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personal injury and that the accident was brought about by the negligence of another.

Proving this will be much easier if you come to us with the maximum amount of information, and amongst the information which you should bring to us are the details of any witnesses to the accident as well as the details of all of those who were involved in the car accident.

If it’s possible, take photographs of the scene of the accident or, if not, sketch exactly what happened, showing the relative positions of the vehicles and people involved, what direction they were traveling in and where any witnesses were standing.

If you have sustained injuries it’s important that you seek medical attention at the earliest possible opportunity. Not only is this the safest course of action, but it will also generate medical records with the precise details of your injuries.

Keep all receipts since expenses incurred will be used when calculating any compensation.

Most importantly, call the police following the accident. This is a legal requirement and it also means that there will be a police report to provide more evidence of the precise circumstances.

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