Medical Malpractice

Having to attend a clinic, dental surgery or hospital in order to undergo treatment is a difficult and stressful experience even if everything goes precisely to plan.

The treatment itself may well be painful, stressful or, at the best, extremely uncomfortable, and this is on top of the fact that you’re already ill and therefore feeling less able than usual to cope with things.

Bearing this in mind, it’s a great comfort to realize that the vast majority of medical treatment delivered in the United Kingdom is to a very high standard by dedicated professionals who work their hardest and try their very best to ensure the safety and well being of their patients.

Occasionally, however, things do go wrong and mistakes are made because, after all, doctors, nurses and dentists are only human. The fact that we rely so much on the trust we can place in our medical practitioners means that it’s all the more upsetting when things do go wrong and when the service provided falls below the standards we’ve come to expect.

At Personal Injury we strongly believe that patients who’ve suffered medical negligence should be able to claim compensation and use our expertise to make doing so as easy and stress free as it possibly can be.

Although we work on personal injury claims of every type, from car accident claims to work related injury, there’s no denying the fact that medical negligence claims are possibly the most difficult and complicated cases we deal with. This is mainly caused by the fact that the evidence needed to demonstrate negligence has occurred is highly technical in nature. Not only must it be proved that negligence has taken place, but also that it has led to long term ill health or injury on your part, and this will require expert evidence gathering.

Compensation claims of this type can be made against pharmacists, surgeons, doctors, dentists and nurses and can be pursued with equal vigor regardless of whether the treatment in question took place in an NHS institution or a private clinic.

The difficulties inherent in pursuing a medical negligence claim are such that people are

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often deterred from doing so, feeling intimidated by the thought of taking on a large organization such as a hospital or the NHS itself, fearing that the medical establishment will merely close ranks against them. These fears are perfectly understandable, but with the help of the kind of expert personal injury lawyers we employ at, even the most difficult of cases can be built in such a way as to ensure eventual success.

If you bring us the basic facts of your case, we’ll tell you whether you should be able to claim compensation and also ensure that you understand just how long and difficult the case may prove to be – indeed, many medical negligence cases are such that it’s a period of years before the case even reaches court. A particular medical negligence case may revolve around an error during surgery, a misdiagnosis, a failure to spot an illness or not warning a patient of the full risks involved in a particular course of treatment.

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