Work Accidents

The fact that work now plays such a central part in the average person’s life means that sustaining an injury in an accident at work or developing an illness brought about by negligence on the part of your employer can be especially devastating.

After all, most of us give our best to our employer and the least we can expect in return is that we be kept safe and the duty of care owed to us is fulfilled.

In the past, many

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workers were expected to cope with dangerous working conditions and accept them as part of their job, but advances in Health and Safety legislation have meant that this is no longer the case. Now, danger in the workplace is seen, quite rightly, as the exception rather than the rule, and if you’ve suffered an injury brought about by a lack of care on the part of your employer or a fellow employee, then you have every right to feel let down and to expect to be compensated. Whilst this compensation can never truly make up for the stress and trauma involved, it can reimburse any expenses which may have been incurred and help you to feel that something fair has been done to balance out the clear unfairness of being injured whilst trying to earn a living.

If you think you’ve been injured by an accident at work and that this may be the basis for a compensation claim then get in touch with us here at Personal Injury and we’ll set about building a case on your behalf.

It’s important that you bring us as much evidence as possible, as it’s this which will be used to paint an accurate picture of what actually happened and the effect it had on you. Evidence which we will use to prove that your personal injuries were caused by negligence or the practices in your workplace will include the likes of witness statements, an accident book, accounts of any similar accidents in the past, any ambulance attendance at the scene of the accident, employer’s logs and any doctors notes.

Our expert personal injury lawyers will build a case which demonstrates that the injuries you’ve received were the direct result of negligence on the part of your employer.

Many people are hesitant, and feel somewhat uncomfortable at

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the thought of pursuing a claim against their employer, but it’s always important to remember that you’re not on your own. Our advisers will explain that your employer will have insurance to cover any losses brought about by your personal injury claim, as opposed to the money coming directly from their own pocket and that cases such as yours might actually help to improve health and safety in the workplace, thus avoiding potentially larger lawsuits in the future. It’s also the case that the law compels employers to compensate workers injured in this way, and that the penalties for failing to do so will be far worse than any financial settlement they have to make.

Despite all of this, and the fact that it is illegal to be sacked or discriminated because of a compensation claim, many people might still feel uneasy about pursuing such a claim, but if you contact us, then our advisers will go over the details of your case and hopefully put your mind at ease before any action commences.

Whether you’ve been injured by dangerous tools, unsafe practices or a dirty and cluttered environment, or have developed an illness such as vibration white finger brought about by years of incorrect procedures being followed, it’s not something you should just have to put up with. Your job may be important, yes, but nothing is more important than feeling healthy and safe, and if this has been compromised, we’re adamant that you should receive the compensation you deserve and, under our No Win No Fee system, get to keep every penny.

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