Should I Accept The Insurance Company’s Settlement?

When it comes to your personal injury claim following an accident, it is imperative that you have someone with legal knowledge looking out for your best interest.

Generally it is not recommended to accept the first settlement offer an insurance company gives you. This is because insurance adjusters are employees of the insurance company, and are employed

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to find ways to compensate you as little as legally possible. They are not keeping in mind the pain, stress, and best interest of the person making the claim.

You may be tempted to accept the first settlement offer the insurance company sends you because of the allure of receiving the funds quickly. However remember that the first offer they give you will likely be lower than what you are actually owed, and may not fully cover your damages or future costs and losses.

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For example, sometimes injures end up being much more expensive and complicated than you initially anticipated. Medically speaking, you may assume that the initial treatment you get is all you need, when in fact you may require surgery down the road. Likewise, when in the healing process, you may anticipate being out of work for a few weeks, but it may end up being a few months. For these reasons, you need an experienced personal injury lawyer on your team who knows how to anticipate these unexpected expenses and factors, and who will ensure that the compensation settlement you are offered meets your need, both
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long term and short term. For these and other reasons, it is usually a good idea to not accept the insurance company’s settlement and to
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instead seek the help of an experienced personal injury attorney through

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